Walk from Villa on Sandy Beach
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• Tamboo
Beachfront barfood, Carribean-American. Often hosts live music and happy hour specials
• The Pool Bar
• Rock Bottom at Case Verde
Rowdy late night bar crowd.
• Bungers
Traditional American bar food with carribean flavors. Good happy hour specials and bar crowd.
Easy Drive from Villa on Sandy Beach
• Rum Shack & Smilin' Joes
The Rum Shack is a great party place during the day or after the sun goes down. Hang out next to the pool and enjoy pina coladas or a cold Medalla. Keep an eye out for live music - the Rum Shack often has great calypso or reggae band. Young fun crowd. Sushi, salads and sandwiches during the day.

Smilin' Joes offers savory, Carribean-Asion fusion in a decisively tropical setting. If you're worried about wanting to dine on the beach every night, trust us, skip it just this once and you won't be disappointed
• Happy Burger
Brisas pool hall and bar, attracts a mixed crowd of locals and visitors who wants to enjoy a good time. Happy Burger is the snack shack out front and is reputated for their stellar burgers and fantastic tacos for cheap.
• The Spot at Black Eagle Restaurant
     787 823-3510
• Calypso

• Banana Dang
Fun and funky coffee shop, good breakfast option, great coffee

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